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Essential Medical Terminology Course - Starts on 8th January 2018 - 08:30 am to 03:30 pm - At Towell Knowledge Institute ( Rumais)

Ongoing Training

Any Company needs to keep at the forefront of competiveness and leading edge delivery. Our suite of ongoing training courses are primarily designed with in house clients in mind. We believe that they accurately reflect the need of our companies to ensure we retain our competitive advantage.

As well as servicing our in house clients, our Training Institute can provide training to the wider business community in Oman that will enhance their own cutting edge delivery.

Ongoing Training SM Training Vocational Training NG Training CSR Medical Training Other Services

Senior Management Training

Central to the growth of any company is the development of its senior management cadre. Our senior management training is based on our competency model derived from extensive research. It is based on three core elements:


Personal Landscape:

Which includes an appreciation of Self-Awareness, an examination of Self-Belief and the Drive for Improvement.

Leading Through Change:

Which includes Broad Scanning, Political Astuteness and Intellectual Flexibility.

Delivering Results:

Which includes empowering others and Holding to account.

We use a competency model as a basis of managerial training and it is divided into three areas:

- Personal Landscape

- Leading Through Change

- Delivering Results

Vocational Training

Vocational Training is at the heart of any vibrant economy. We believe that the provision of hard goods, services and skills are the engine that drives a thriving business sector.

Our Training Institute is rapidly moving to fulfil our ambitious plans to provide the widest range of vocational training, taking advantage of international models, techniques and expertise as we cement our relations with trusted overseas partners.

English and IT Training

Government sponsored English and IT Training.

Technical Training

Technical Training and are exploring partnership with overseas agencies and colleges.

Next Generation Training

Towell Knowledge Institute believes the future of our company and our nation lies in the hands of the next generation of Omani leaders.

Our Next Generation Training initiative will ensure that the next level of leadership in Oman will be thoroughly equipped to take our country into the mid-21st Century with professionalism, confidence and security. We are adapt at training the next generation of managers. Our trainees receive the finest development assessments to ensure that their training is specifically tailored to meet their individual needs.

We equip our trainee to play their full role in the business by giving them specific training.

For example:

Emotional Intelligence - Personal Effectiveness - Influencing to Win  -  MBTI-DISC profiling - Introduction to Leadership - Team building - Problem Solving and Decision Making - Project work - Secondments - Mentoring  -  Introduction to Management 7o0, IT , HR , Finance for non-financial managers - Project Work


CSR or Community Social Responsibility is a vital link in ensuring the continued stability and prosperity of our great nation. As we all work to ensure that, at all levels, of social each ones talents and gift are used to the best advantage of all the people and we ensure that all have a stake in our county’s continued prosperity.

Towell Knowledge Institute effectively supports projects at the ‘Willayats’ and local levels enabling small scale entrepreneurs and SME’s to flourish by taking advantage of our expertise in business and infrastructure. In addition, we ensure that we enable the most vulnerable members of our society to reach their full potential to the benefit of society as a whole.

Our courses, run at our Training Centre, enable aspiring entrepreneurs from all levels of society to develop their business ideas in a safe environment.

Towell Knowledge Institute believes in reaching out to all members of society to equip them to contribute to a strong nation.  Some of the training offered under the CSR banner is:

Special Needs Children outreach.

Stitching Project.

Al Ajyal projects for SME.

Medical Training (Special Training)

There is an acknowledged need for a large number of suitably trained medical personnel to be available to the healthcare sector in the next few years.

We believe that through our Training Centre, with its excellent links to both UK and US medical institutions, we can ensure the delivery of highest quality training to medical professionals here in the Sultanate and throughout the region.

Using our unparalleled contacts in the UK medical establishment we are able to offer very high quality, tailored courses to support post graduate CME requirements within the Sultanate of Oman medical training system.  

Examples of courses:

- Major Trauma Management.

- Coronary Heart Disease management.

- Patient Safety and Simulation.

- Diabetes Care in the Community.